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Shifting Perspective with @brycetron

For more tilted photos from the San Francisco hills, follow @brycetron and explore the series around the world by browsing his #sidewayscity hashtag.

Everyone who lives in a hilly area occasionally has a moment—usually while huffing and puffing up a hill with an armful of groceries—when they curse the steep inclines of their city. However, hills provided a new source of inspiration for a man in one of the United States’s hilliest cities: San Francisco.

Instagrammer Bryce Tron (@brycetron) moved to San Francisco in 2011 and, like any new resident to a city, found his bearings by visiting all of the top tourist destinations. Fun though they were, Bryce’s attention turned more to the city’s steep hills and the structures built upon them. Inspired by other photos from the San Francisco community, Bryce began rotating his photos so that the normally-steep hill appeared flat and all of the buildings leaned at an impossible tilt. “It makes your mind twist,” he says.

After venturing outside of San Francisco and continuing to take these photos, Bryce started the #sidewayscity hashtag to encourage a new way of looking at uneven terrain that anyone could use—not just San Franciscans.

Bryce is also the owner of one very energetic (and charismatic) pup, Ruby. For more photos and videos from their adventures in a sideways city, follow @brycetron.

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